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Our history begins in 1979, with an idea of the entrepreneur Bob LaBelle. From his garage home office, he started a representative and distribution business to serve “maquiladoras”, manufacturing plants established in the Mexican border, and the southwest industry. Since then, we have never stopped growing, innovating and implemented new technologies. We consider our company not only a business, but a mission to provide the most efficient and cost-effective equipment, latest technology and the best service to our customers.

Every month, we would like to highlight a project or solution we have created for one of our customers. The products and lines we represent have applications across most companies in the United States and Mexico. In the past we have worked with Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Bottling, Food and Beverage, Warehousing, Oil and Gas, Shipping, Packaging, Robotics, and End of the Line Services. As we continue to explore new opportunities, we feel education and outreach will help us build new relationships to complement out existing product lines. 

For the month of February, we would like to present a project we completed for Henniges Automotive in Mexico. Henniges provides automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with sealing systems for doors, windows, trunks, lift gates, sunroofs and hoods. The company also supplies the automotive market with anti-vibration components and encapsulated glass systems. Henniges sells to all major Automotive OEM customers and operates facilities in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

Part of their process requires that these anti-vibration components are coated with a special paint to protect equipment and extend their life. The components are pressed and travel from there to the robots where the paint is applied. From there, the equipment passes through drying ovens before being delivered to the workstations for completion.

Miguel San Roman out of the Guadalajara office had the opportunity to assist Henniges in creating a solution for their needs transporting components from the loading of parts through the end of the line. Using a Pacline conveyor system, we were able to offer a high quality and reliable overhead chain conveyor system to meet their spacing and transporting needs. We chose the Pacline monorail enclosed track conveyor because it is a highly compact, medium capacity, chain conveyor with unique features to allow for maximum conveying flexibility in small spaces, which was perfect for the requirements Henniges requested.

These Monorail systems included

·         Low profile drives to conserve space and allow the drives to be installed in tight special requirements

·         Low profile track sections conserved space in the warehouse to allow maximum efficiency for movement and transportation.

·         Small radius rolled and hardened curves, sprocket turns, and vertical turns for use to navigate tight corners and locations, as well as use within the over allowing the paint to cure on equipment for specific time intervals.

·         PACLINE Enclosed Track Conveyors are designed to handle 50 lbs. (23 kg) from single pendants, which are standard on 6” centers. Coupling two pendants with a load bar allows up to 100 lb. loads, allowing Henniges to transport a variety of components based on current needs in the production line.

·         Distributed loads up to 30,000 lbs. can be conveyed on a 600 ft. system with only one drive for Henniges to limit the power sources and lower costs in their line by allowing them to efficiently move loads with the fewest drives possible.

Conveyors and Material Handling has returned to Henniges over the years by supplying them with an additional 7 overhead conveying systems to improve their manufacturing process and streamline their production lines. We look forward to continuing this relationship with them, and building new ones utilizing out overhead conveyance systems.

Our sales team and design engineers have up to 30 years of customer service with award winning solutions. We are ready to assist with simple or complex projects for material handling, assembly lines, warehousing, food and beverage lines and robotics.  Subscribe online to get our monthly spotlight or contact us today at info@cmh-elp.com to explore how we can support your needs.