C&MH and Douglas Machine - A History of Success in Mexico

Douglas Machine is a world leader in automated packaging. The company is based in Alexandria, Minnesota and specializes in manufacturing tray packers; shrink wrappers; cartoners; robot palletizers; variety pack systems and end of line systems.


In 1993, C&MH partnered with Douglas to introduce the first Douglas tray wrapper to Coca Cola’s bottling plant, La Favorita, in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Based on successful results, additional Coca Cola plants integrated Douglas machinery into their operations. Currently, twelve Coca Cola plants in Mexico use Douglas packaging systems, including tray loaders and shrink wrappers to handle glass and PET bottles ranging from 355 ml to 3.0 liter, which are packed in patterns of 4 packs to 24 packs depending on the bottle size.


Over the years, C&MH helped expand the presence of Douglas machines into a variety of industries in Mexico. Below is sample of those applications:

Food and Beverage:


  • High speed tray wrappers for Heineken aluminum beer cans

  • Baby food glass jars for Heinz/Kraft

  • Trays and boxes of cookies for Mondelez

  • Tuna fish cans for Marindustrias and Pinsa

  • Boxes of cereal and yogurt cups for Nestle

  • Cans of baby formula for Mead Johnson

  • Bags of snacks for Frito-Lay/Sabritas


Household Products & Personal Care


  • Packaging for toothpaste boxes for P&G

  • Packaging for powder detergent for P&G

  • Packaging for soap bars for Colgate and Palmolive.


In the future C&MH aims to expand its presence in the food processing industry to packaging and processing of fruits, vegetables, salsas, beans and frozen dinners as well as the pet food industry.

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