Our history begins in 1979, with an idea of the entrepreneur Bob LaBelle. From his garage home office, he started a representative and distribution business to serve “maquiladoras”, manufacturing plants established in the Mexican border, and the southwest industry. Since then, we have never stopped growing, innovating and implemented new technologies. We consider our company not only a business, but a mission to provide the most efficient and cost-effective equipment, latest technology and the best service to our customers.

Every month, we would like to highlight a project or solution we have created for one of our customers. The products and lines we represent have applications across most companies in the United States and Mexico. In the past we have worked with Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Bottling, Food and Beverage, Warehousing, Oil and Gas, Shipping, Packaging, Robotics, and End of the Line Services. As we continue to explore new opportunities, we feel education and outreach will help us build new relationships to complement out existing product lines. 

As the calendar turned to May, the global economy slowed to a near halt due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Conveyors and Materials Handling was prepared as an essential business to help old and new customers alike as they updated and changed their businesses to supply essential materials. Automotive Manufacturing moved to making ventilators, Distilleries started to make hand sanitizer, and people at home began the process or making their own PPE.

Many of our customers changed production in response to the CoronaVirus outbreak which led to needs for materials and services that C&MH has not filled in the past. Customers in Texas started asking for help in finding labels, caps, and materials to make hand sanitizer. Customers who were not used to storing materials were asking for more racking and shelving to create space in their warehouses. In Mexico, customers continued to need equipment but were unable to accept visitors into location. The way we worked with customers changed from face to face meetings and talking through a design to discussions through emailed pictures and phone calls. New customers were found by watching the local news and checking social media to determine who had needs in the area. Not going to meet people and visit our customers added a new layer of difficulty and contacting customers who were working from home made communication and reaching out a new challenge.

Despite these challenges, C&MH continued to serve our customers to the best of our ability. For customers looking to get maintenance and service for parts, we were able to travel on the weekends to near empty locations and fulfill their needs on servicing and installation of conveyors, cranes, and hoists. In the United States, we were able to assist customers in finding sticky labels, caps, bottles, and materials like Aloe Vera and Alcohol to produce hand sanitizer in distilleries. Requests came for storage tanks, pumps and customers were looking to create space in their warehouses and workspace; we were able to get quick shipment on racking and storage equipment to assist is their needs, as well as pallet jacks and pallet wrappers to move and secure boxes of product prior to shipment.

Due to the restrictions in travel, we were also able to work with our network to supply installation and service for our manufacturing lines who could not send their own team due to quarantine requirements. Working with our installer, we were able to quote out a project as a new warehouse under budget while meeting the final customers requirements on timing. This allowed our manufacturer to save time and money on their end, while freeing up their installation staff to complete projects closer to home that did not require restrictions or down time.

As the economy starts to slowly reopen, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or requests you may have. As our customers begin to restart production, we are ready to assist in any way possible. For new customers, we are excited at the opportunity to serve you and create a solution to fit your needs. You can request a quote or email us with any inquiries at

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