Conveyor Systems

For over 30 years we have focused on creating automated solutions and projects for our customers utilizing conveyor systems to increase efficiencies and maximize workspace within our customers facilities. Our suppliers specialize in every type of conveyance system from tabletop conveyors, low profile conveyors, overhead conveyance, specialty conveyors, case and palletizing conveyors, and every other conveyor application required. We have installed and integrated belt, chain, roller, gravity, magnetic, and incline conveyors, and have applications using spiral and elevator conveyance systems. 

We supply conveyors for food, beverage, bottling, automotive, assembly and production line, packaging, palletizing, and warehouse mobility of projects. Our projects can adhere to FDA and all health and safety requirements for food handling and raw food, as well as high temperature ratings and harsh condition ratings for use in industrial ovens and exposure to adverse elements. 



C&MH works closely with our customers in Automotive and Automotive OEM industries all along their production lines. We supply our customers with the table top and overhead conveyor systems for their assembly lines and parts movement, handling everything from small parts to full sized motors. If you have a need for an industrial oven to cure the coating on your equipment, The C&MH team has you covered. We also have the small storage bins, carts, racking and shelving, along with ID coders to help with the storage and retrieval of the small individual parts needed to assemble your products. 

Materials Handling

The broadest description we supply for is the general warehousing and materials handling equipment. Anything and everything to make your warehouse efficient and safe, along with solutions to limit down time from injury and worker fatigue. The miscellaneous equipment to keep your production line and workplace moving is all included in this. 

For solutions along the production line and assisting workplace mobility, we supply lift tables, carts, pallet jacks, forklifts, front loader, and dumpers. These solutions can assist transportation throughout your workplace and create efficiencies while limiting down time due to fatigue and injury. From materials too heavy to move by a hand, to limiting stress and bending to pick up, carry, and put down equipment, these solutions can help keep your workers healthy. 

For general warehouse storage and organization, we supply full lines of bins, totes, racking, shelving, and the safety equipment needed to protect your investments. From warning and caution signs and yellow bumpers to alert your employees of equipment locations and risk to column protectors and barriers to protect your tall standing racking and shelving, our full equipment solutions can ensure a safety compliant workplace. 

If you are looking for solutions to assist in worker fatigue, we also carry ergonomic and fatigue limiting equipment in matting, ergonomic lift tables, hand trucks, dollies, and much more. These solutions assist in limiting worker fatigue from standing, walking, bending over, lifting and carrying equipment throughout the workplace. The aim of these fatigue limiting solutions is to assist you in creating an environment that limits worker fatigue and injuries resulting in down time or missed time from employees. 

There is much more included in the materials handling, for further information or questions, visit our catalogue, or contact your regional representative to learn more!


Cranes and Hoists

We carry lines covering overhead cranes and hoists for our customers requiring solutions to pick up, hold, and move equipment from one spot to another within the workplace. From light equipment to assist your workers by limiting fatigue from bending and lifting, to moving heavy machinery and equipment across your production lines. We can also work with our IOT and safety systems to create a system to alert our customers of potential workplace dangers, and improper usage, as well as ensure equipment is properly maintained to facilitate safe work environments. 


As updated technologies emerge, Conveyors and Materials Handling is committed to offer these innovative and advancing solutions to our customers. The robotics and cobots are focused on improving ROI on capital expenditures while improving production efficiencies. The robotics we offer focus on increased production capacity while limiting worker fatigue and injuries, limiting down time and lost production capacity. From cobots that work alongside employees in picking, pick and pack, and assembly line applications to full industrial robotic cells focused on de-palletizing and palletizing and end-of-line applications, we work with industry leaders in robotics and integration to create the solution you need, while adhering to all safety standards and procedures. 

Secondary and End-of-line Packaging

We work with top of the line suppliers in case loaders, case erectors, case packers, case sealers, labelers and packaging ID technology, and all equipment required for packaging and product delivery. Our automated packaging equipment can be updated and modernized with the addition of a pick and place cobot to create additional efficiencies in the production line. For projects requiring worker loading and packaging, we also carry spring loaded and air compression lift table applications to help with worker ergonomics and limit fatigue from bending and lifting. 

Our end of the line packaging solutions include pallet conveyors, automatic and manual loading palletizing cells, stretch wrapper and pallet securing, and pallet transportation options including AVG's. Our integration teams, automated projects, and robotics can be designed to use any palletizing pattern for increased pallet stability. 

Food and Beverage

Conveyors and Materials Handling has supplied full production lines and facilities to Fortune 500 companies and regional distributors throughout the food and beverage industry. Our experience ranges from full line automation and installation to replacement parts and service to keep your line running. 

In the Beverage industry, we represent suppliers with full line conveyance, single filers, disinfectants and cleaning for recyclable bottles, in-line fillers, rotary fillers, cappers, labelers, and the automated systems required for packaging and delivering products to customers. 

Our food applications include the full conveyance with meeting FDA and food handling certifications, package formers, bag formers, filler applications including weighted fillers, bag sealers, shrink wrapper applications, labelers, and all secondary and end of the line packaging needs. 

Bottle Capper Fruit Juices in PET bottle

Mezzanines and Modular Buildings

Effectively using and managing production lines and warehouses, or stopping unwanted visitors before they reach your facilities, we have the equipment required to create a safe and sustainable workplace. Our customers focus on  maximizing floor space and customer safety, and our supply of Mezzanines can keep your production floor from unnecessary foot traffic. They can also create space for additional storage or offer a second floor  to your full facility allowing you to increase you production capacity. 

Our modular buildings include guardhouses, modular offices, and disinfecting or clean rooms. These solutions will let you stop people before they reach your door, or give you a separate work space within your production facility to use as an office, break room, or focal point for managing your lines from a hands on vantage point. As the risk of workplace well-being continues to grow, C&MH works closely with our lines to mitigate the risk of exposure, especially for the immuno-compromised. 


We represent lines who work in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries with the needs of manufacturing and supplying of healthcare equipment. For the manufacture of medicines and medical equipment, we work with the conveyance, bottling, filling, labeling, packaging and full line automation. As the Covid-19 pandemic emerged and became a global health crisis, the C&MH team was working closely with our lines to meet the needs in the manufacturing of equipment and Hand Sanitizer to meet the needs of the public. 

In the medical supply industry, we work closely with our lines to meet the needs of local hospitals and pharmacies in the storage and movement of necessary equipment. Our team has outfitted the medical carts and bins as well as the storage racking and sanitation coverings to keep equipment stored and organized. Included in our offerings are locking storage and filing systems allowing the facilities to maintain privacy and safe work environments, while keeping unwanted visitors from accessing medications and medical equipment. 

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